Frequently Asked Questions

How many startups do you have room for?

Pilulka Lab is for up to 15 startups.

Do you accept startups from any country?

Only startups from Central and Eastern Europe can apply.

Do we have to move to your city?

No, the business accelerator in a remote-first program.

Do I have to pay to participate?


Do I need to already have some revenue to apply?

No, however you must have at least one early adopter/customer who is using your product (even if they are not paying for it yet).

How much money can you invest?

We start from €20,000 for pre product-market fit startups and can go up almost with no limitation for later stage companies.

In which area can you provide us support with?

Sales, Communication, Marketing, HR, Legal, Regulation, Export, Fund raising, what else do you need? Just ask us.